Understanding the Different Types of Boom Lifts

If you’ve been looking into vertical lifts hire, you might be wondering which one will work best for your job or project? The three types are telescopic boom lifts (straight boom lifts), articulating boom lifts (knuckle boom lifts) and trailer mounted knuckle booms. Here we will take a deeper look into each of them to help you decide which type might best suit your needs.

Telescopic Boom Lifts (Straight Boom Lifts) – High and Wide

A straight boom lift has one long, non-articulated mast that can be extended or retracted to reach a height or be swung into position. It’s capable of reaching high and wide, which is ideal for large, open spaces, but might be less suitable where space is limited. These lifts are suitable for a large variety of jobs including industrial maintenance, electrical work, painting, building inspections, tree trimming and any task that requires access to a multi-story building. The telescoping boom extends quickly, and the lift can be driven with the boom fully extended in some positions.

Articulating Boom Lifts (Knuckle Booms) – Up and Over

Featuring a mast which comes as a series of segments that connect at joints or ‘knuckles’, articulating booms offers a greater level of reach flexibility, giving workers the ability to lift themselves or various items up, over, and out with unprecedented precision. Once in the air, a knuckle boom lift can extend and bend. It features a turntable at the base that allows the boom to swivel, meaning the platform can be shifted to different areas of a worksite. The flexibility it provides makes a knuckle boom suitable for a working in a vast array of locations, including tight spaces (indoors or outdoors), around obstacles on a worksite, and around corners. The base unit can be positioned close to the job for added stability and it requires little floor space. With its high degree of manoeuvrability and versatile performance characteristics, articulating boom lifts are popular in all sorts of industries and job sites, especially those with hard-to-reach work areas.

Trailer Mounted Knuckle Booms

Built for convenience, these can be towed behind a 4WD or work ute and are a perfect mobile access solution. Trailer mounted booms are suitable for a large variety of applications, especially in construction and maintenance where height access must be mobile, controlled, and temporary. Lightweight and easily transportable, they feature hydraulic stabilisers designed for maximum safety, you can reach heights of up to 12m quickly and efficiently.

What Type Of Boom Lift Do You Need?

Not sure which lift will work best for your job? Ask yourself the below questions:

  • How high do I need to go? A telescopic boom lift generally has the highest reach.
  • How much horizontal reach do I need? Whilst telescopic boom lifts have greater horizontal reach, articulating booms list their up and over height, which indicates how high the platform will reach when the boom is articulated.
  • Is space limited? Telescopic boom lifts need room to turn, whereas many articulating boom lifts have zero tail swing.
  • Do I need to tow it? Trailer-mounted knuckle booms are a good choice if you need portability. They can be connected to any vehicle with a towing hitch.

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