Top Tips for the Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work platform hire makes it possible for workers to undertake repairs or perform maintenance in a wide variety of settings. However, there are many hazards associated with aerial lifts that can lead to injury, property damage, and even death; Falls, tip-overs, electrocution – all of these can happen in almost any workplace. For aerial work platforms and knuckle boom lift hire, Height 4 Hire is Queensland’s no.1 choice offering well-maintained access equipment, affordable rates, and flexible rental terms. Read on to learn some essential aerial lift safety tips that may help you avoid a serious accident.

Invest in Training

Most accidents involving aerial lifts are caused by operator error, this means that proper training for all operators is absolutely vital and can prevent most accidents. Whether your business owns aerial work platforms, or you require aerial work platform hire, any person that will operate the lift must be adequately trained and certified. Training should include stabilization and positioning of aerial lifts, along with fall protection.

Inspect Equipment and Assess Site Before Each Shift

A pre-start inspection should always be performed, the purpose of this is to identify any potential risks, hazards or defects that can affect the safety of the lift. The inspection should cover vehicle components, lift components, and an assessment of the surrounding worksite.

Never Override Safety Devices

Aerial lifts feature safety devices that are designed to prevent workers from pushing the lift past its limits. Depending on the machine there may be hydraulic, electric, and mechanical safety devices, these should never be overridden, or the result may be a dangerous tip over or mechanical fault.

Assume Power Lines Are Live

When operating near power lines, there’s no safe way of knowing if they are live or not, even if they are down or insulated. Therefore, it is imperative to assume they are live and keep a distance of at least 3 metres between the lines and the lift.

Always Use Protective Gear

Aerial lift operators must wear full body harnesses that are attached to lanyards and connected to the boom or basket. These protective features prevent workers from being ejected from the bucket or falling to the ground. It’s also vital that workers are equipped with hard hats, rubber-soled boots, and rubber gloves.

Never Exceed the Specified Load Capacity

Whilst aerial lifts are incredibly capable, they all have limits. Every lift includes manufacturer’s instructions that are specific to each make and model. These instructions detail the weight and height capacities and limitations, and they should never be exceeded. It’s important to remember, that the weight limitations of an aerial lift also include the workers, tools, and other attachments in the bucket. Calculating the weight correctly will ensure you don’t exceed the limit and help to avoid an accident.

Following a few simple safety tips when operating an aerial work platform will help workers avoid common yet preventable hazards that could lead to serious incidents.

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