Staying Safe While Working at Heights

Staying Safe While Working at Heights

Accidents while working at heights are one of the major causes of work related injuries and fatalities in Australia. Falls and falling objects from ladders, scaffolding and lifts can cause serious injury.  At Height 4 Hire, we are proudly Queensland’s largest privately owned and operated supplier of access hire and scissor lift hire equipment. We are Brisbane’s trusted choice for quality EWP and lift rentals with a range of equipment for all your access needs. The best way to prevent incidents from happening while working at heights is to understand and follow a few tips for safe work practices.

Plan Appropriately

Before any job at height begins, it’s important to assess the job site, examine any potential risks, and plan for those risks accordingly. Read, understand and obey all employer safety rules and worksite regulations, as well as any applicable local, governmental or other regulations that might apply.

Working conditions should be examined to check they are free from trip hazards. Look for drop-offs and holes, slopes, slippery or unstable surfaces, overhead obstacles, power lines and any other hazards that may exist and develop a plan to avoid those hazards. You should also have an emergency evacuation and rescue plan in place just in case an incident occurs.

Use Correct Equipment

Anyone who works at heights must have the right equipment. Such equipment includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which will help protect against health and safety dangers while working up high. The items that often need to be worn in high-risk environments include hard hats, , high visibility clothing and safety compliant footwear.

Proper Fall Protection

Harnesses are provided with boom lifts and are required to be worn to reduce the potential for an operator falling from the platform. The slightest movement at the base of elevated work platforms can equate into a sudden and powerful jolt at the platform which could result in serious injury if appropriate fall protection is not worn. Guard rails are also required. These support the person at height and can break their fall and can be the difference between life and death.

Well Maintained and Reliable EWPs

EWPs provide one of the safest ways to undertake jobs at height. However, all access equipment comes with risks, such as overturning, falling and collisions, along with other potential hazards so it’s important that all operators are sufficiently skilled and (if required) trained. When using lifts and access equipment, perform a pre-operation inspection test before each use. Safety equipment used at heights should be maintained, checked regularly and kept in top condition. So when considering lift rentals always choose a reliable hire company with a reputation for providing safe and reliable machinery.

Safety Whilst at Height

Falls and falling objects are extremely dangerous, you can reduce this risk in the following ways while working up high:

  • Make sure you have guardrails in place to prevent falling from edges.
  • Do not sit, stand or climb on the platform guardrails.
  • Maintain a firm footing on the platform floor at all times.
  • Do not exit an elevated boom or scissor lift platform unless properly trained to do so, maintain 100 percent tie-off at all times.
  • Do not climb down from the platform when it is raised. Have a rescue plan in place in the event that aerial platform malfunctions.
  • Keep the platform floor clear of debris such as scrap materials, buckets, large tool boxes and other items that can create serious trip hazards. Remove any items from the platform that are not necessary to perform the work required.
  • Lower the platform entry mid-rail or close the entry gate before operating an EWP. Never prop the entry open and don’t use the machine if the gate does not properly latch.

If you are looking for lift rentals or other access equipment hire for your next job, get in touch with the team at Height 4 Hire today. We are well known in the industry for providing reliable, safe and well-maintained equipment so you can get any job done efficiently and safely. Call us today on (07) 3713 0500 or contact us online now.

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