Jobs You Can Do with A Forklift

Forklifts have become the backbone of many industries for decades and many businesses simply can’t function without them. If you have items on a pallet, chances are a forklift will be a critical piece of machinery for your business to move the stock in a safe and efficient way. Height 4 Hire is proudly Queensland’s largest privately owned and operated supplier of access equipment hire, including a fleet of forklifts. Here we will take a closer look at a forklift and the wide variety of tasks that it is able to perform.

What Makes Up a Forklift?

  • Frame – The frame makes up the base of the forklift and holds all of its components together, which includes the wheels, counterweight and mast.
  • Counterweight – This component is critical as it is the counterbalance of the load that the forklift is designed and regulated to carry. It is (usually) made of cast iron and located at the rear of the forklift.
  • Power source – the power source of the forklift can be fuelled with diesel, LPG, natural gas or electricity. One thing to consider is the area in which you will be operating your forklift. If your jobs are inside, it is never recommended to use a diesel or gas powered machine.
  • Carriage – The carriage is attached to the mast rails for the ease of moving upward and downward.
  • Mast – This is responsible to lifting and lowering the load. It also has interlocking rails to allow for horizontal control 

Where Can a Forklift Be Used?

Available in different sizes and lift capacities, forklifts are a vital element in the safety and success of the below industries.


Forklifts have been a crucial part of this industry for a very long time. They are used for the loading and unloading of shipping containers. They also load from the containers directly onto delivery trucks.


Forklifts are commonly used in warehouse operations. Primarily used to load and unload trucks that are transporting goods on pallets, but also within the warehouse, where pallet racking is used. Depending on their reach, forklifts can also be used to move pallets to place them into racks for storage. There are different types of lifts for this task and the plate on the forklift will determine the maximum weight it can lift.

Construction Sites

Construction workers rely heavily on moving heavy materials, even on rough terrain. Forklifts are best utilised for loading and unloading pallets of bricks, blocks, and other building materials, moving them safely and efficiently from delivery trucks to the site.

There may be times when other access equipment is required on construction sites, especially for moving personnel and equipment. For these kinds of tasks, you need to consider rough terrain /diesel scissor lift hire. Excellent for operating on rough terrain surfaces and on a slight slope, these types of scissor lifts are perfect for outdoor use on demanding worksites.

Wholesale Markets

The lifeblood of the wholesale fruit market is the forklift. As customers place their orders across the country at wholesale fruit and vegetable markets within each state, these orders are placed on pallets and moved across kilometres of internal roads via forklifts and then loaded into the waiting customer trucks.

Garden Centres

A relatively new idea compared to the more traditional jobs mentioned above, however the forklift has become a much-needed machine throughout many garden centres. Used to move pallets of large bags of dirt, soil and mulch as well as heavy pots and other landscaping supplies, they are a useful piece of equipment that has greatly improved safety and efficiency in the wholesale landscaping sector.

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