How Can Knuckle Boom Lift Hire Increase Productivity?

Do you have a worksite that requires access to hard-to-reach places, beyond the capabilities of standard scaffolding and cherry pickers? Diesel knuckle boom life hire is the perfect solution. With the unique ability to bend in a variety of ways, a knuckle boom can seamlessly get to otherwise unreachable areas with unbeatable precision. For all your access hire needs, Height 4 Hire is Queensland’s leading choice. From diesel scissor lift hire to forklifts, straight booms and more, we can help with cost-effective hire solutions that improve safety and efficiency in any worksite. Let’s take a look at knuckle booms and how they can boost productivity on your job site.

What is a Knuckle Boom?

Sometimes called an articulating boom lift, this EWP can bend and extend to great distances and heights and is often used in tight workspaces. The structural components of this machine enable the boom hinged in the knuckle to fold back like an articulated arm. The distance between the load and crane allows the knuckle to retract and expand, giving the operator total control in the manoeuvring of loads.

Reach a Wide Range of Heights and Distances

Worksites or projects which require access to a broad range of heights and awkward positions will really benefit from a knuckle boom. Ladders are unsafe and may not be able to reach the intended height. Scaffolding takes time to setup, pack-up and move to each location and cherry pickers may not be able to reach the required angle. A knuckle boom lift can offer you multiple angles and reach to access overhead work, keeping your workers in motion, ensuring the job gets done safely and quickly.

Reach Over Obstacles

Some worksites have permanent structures that cannot be moved, sometimes it’s essential to access areas near or over these objects. When there are a lot of other obstructions in the area it can make your work process difficult or dangerous. If your site requires precise manoeuvring to get around walls, trees, roofs or other obstacles, knuckle boom lifts are the perfect solution. A knuckle boom provides fast and easy access due to the length and angle that it can reach so your project will be completed quickly and without any damage to surrounding structures.

Carry Multiple Workers and Their Tools

A knuckle boom lift has a work platform instead of a bucket, which gives workers extra room to perform their job tasks. Multiple workers and their tools can be carried up on the boom platform, ensuring maximum safety and saving an abundance of time.

Offering convenient accessibility, excellent manoeuvrability, and versatility, knuckle boom lift hire is ideal for a vast array of industries and worksites.

Affordable Knuckle Boom and Straight Boom Lift Hire

Whether you need knuckle boom lift hire, a straight lift, forklift, cherry picker, or other access equipment to greatly increase productivity and safety, Height 4 Hire is here to help. With a friendly and knowledgeable team ready to provide genuine advice and competitive prices, we have all of your access hire needs covered. Contact us today with any questions you may have or get a free quotation by calling (07) 3713 0500 . Alternatively, you can enquire online now, and we will promptly get back you. We offer a range of electric, and diesel and booms to help you get the job done.