Hiring Trailer Mounted Knuckle Booms – Things You Need to Know

There are many projects that benefit from knuckle boom lift hire, these versatile access solutions provide easy access to locations that require an up and over approach. With a knuckle boom, you can conduct work despite obstacles such as machinery, walls and other fixtures being in the way.

Capable of being towed behind a large 4WD or ute, trailer mounted knuckle booms are an efficient and effective way to carry out maintenance, repairs, renovations or new construction work in a variety of settings. Whatever the task may be, Height 4 Hire is Queensland’s largest privately owned and operated supplier of access equipment hire, including a fleet of trailer mounted knuckle booms. Here’s a few tips to assist you in selecting the knuckle boom that is right for the job you’re undertaking.

Knuckle Boom Equipment Type

Our trailer mounted knuckle boom come in multiple sizes, reaching heights from 10m to 15m and are perfect for projects in hard to reach areas or tight spaces. Depending you how much control you need, there are models with different controls for basket movement along with lateral, vertical and rotational movement. Some models allow for the angle of the basket to tilt too.

Height and Horizontal Outreach

It’s important that you understand the specifications of the project that you wish to complete. This will allow you to select a knuckle boom which will give you the right combination of height and horizontal outreach that you need to access the work area safely and efficiently. Telescopic booms are an ideal choice for construction applications where maximum height and outreach are required.  

Safe Working Load

Each knuckle boom manufacturer will indicate a safe working load for each model. This specification is an indication of how robust the base, basket, turret arm and boom are for lifting the worker(s), tools and all other cargo. It is critical to pay attention to this specification as overloading the knuckle boom can make the base unstable which may cause collapse or a tip-over.

Environmental Conditions

One of the most critical things to consider when considering knuckle boom hire is the environmental conditions around your site. From sloping surfaces and rough terrain to extreme weather, there are different models that have features allowing them to handle inclement conditions. For expert advice, ask our team for help in selecting the best machinery to suit the conditions in which you will be working.

Other Things to Consider

  • Always use a reputable access equipment hire company as they will have knuckle boom lifts that are serviced, safe and performing to standard.
  • Ensure you have all necessary safety apparatus such as safety harnesses, hard hats, safety gloves, steel-capped boots.
  • Never go beyond the manufactures specs and always use the equipment only as it is intended.
  • Never use other items like ladders on top of the boom to reach a height should the lift you have hired be insufficient for your actual requirements.

For Trailer Mounted Knuckle Booms and Other Access Equipment Hire, Call Height 4 Hire

For high quality, well-maintained hire equipment for all of those hard to reach projects, we have the right equipment for your needs and budget. Our professional team can provide expert advice on the knuckle boom that is best suited for your job, ensuing maximum productivity and safety at an affordable price. For more information on our fleet or for a free quote, contact us online or call our friendly team on (07) 3713 0500.