Help us support our Kerry

You have probably already seen this news travelling around Facebook, but Height 4 Hire have started a campaign to help raise $32,000 for our amazing Customer Service Manager Kerry.

Here is her story:

Our beloved colleague Kerry Appleby was travelling to work on Monday 13 March when she involved in a head on collision with a driver who was on the wrong side of the road. The speed limit on Tamborine-Waterford Road is 100 km so the impact to Kerry & her vehicle was catastrophic. Against the odds she survived, however did sustain substantial injuries including multiple fractures & severe bruising which will result in future surgeries & a lengthy period of time off work.

Her van, that was customised with a wheelchair lift to enable Kerry to transport her son Jack who has cerebral palsy, was completely written off. Whilst the vehicle was insured, the write off value won’t cover the cost of reinstating it’s replacement with the customisations required.

We at Height 4 Hire are wanting to raise funds for Kerry & her family. Without the van & wheelchair lift, Jack cannot be transported with the family or to any of the outings that he enjoys such as volunteering, learning to swim etc.

At present we have raised an amazing $21,000 for Kerry and her family, which is beyond amazing in the short space of time we have been campaigning.

This post is for all the people who have donated, reposted and shared the news for us. We are truly grateful for your efforts, and cannot begin to thank you enough.
We are nearly there with our aim of $32,000, so please continue to repost and share this so we can help our beloved Kerry and Jack.