Discover the Athena Scissor Lift

The exciting Athena bi-levelling tracked scissor lift is the only one of its kind in the world and has earned the reputation for being the most versatile type of scissor lift available. It’s innovative design and outstanding performance has seen it win multiple prestigious awards in Australia and around the world. Height 4 Hire makes the hiring the latest access equipment easy and affordable with a huge fleet of, high quality equipment including the game changing Athena. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary scissor lift.

What Sets the Athena Apart?

Known for its sophisticated bi-levelling technology, its unique bi-levelling tracked undercarriage provides the ability to safely manoeuvre and work on even the most difficult terrain. Unlike conventional slab scissor lifts that can only negotiate a small incline and require a levelled surface to raise the platform, the Athena can easily navigate rough terrain and automatically level on slopes up to 20 degrees. This allows for operation on most work sites, which previously would’ve required a boom lift or scaffolding.

Stand Out Features

Providing a working height of 8 metres with a load capacity of 250kg, the Athena can easily accommodate two operators. It is dual powered with a diesel engine and 240V power supply, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Compact Design – only 796mm in width which means it can fit through a conventional door.
  • A Faster, More Powerful Engine – a high performance, efficient and reliable engine provides exceptional power, while reducing emissions.
  • A Taller Design Allowing Extreme Access – with a generous 10 metres of working height the Athena enables access to heights that other scissors simply cannot reach.
  • Innovative Proactive Levelling – the Athena now has the ability to instinctively and automatically level in either the stowed or raised position during translation.
  • A Larger Working Platform – the large platform size means that the Athena has a spacious 2-man basket for comfort and efficiency. The basket can also be extended to allow for generous horizontal reach and allow for extra room for tools and materials.
  • Grey Non-Marking Tracks – so that it can be used on any surface without marking or damaging the floor beneath.

Who Should Consider Athena Scissor Lift Hire?

Intelligent monitoring systems combined with high-tech engineering maximises productivity and gives the Athena the ability to do jobs other scissor lifts cannot.

The Athena scissor lift is perfect for:

  • – tradespeople
  • – facilities management
  • – signwriting
  • – building and construction
  • – council operations
  • – painting
  • – agriculture
  • – and much more!

For Scissor Lift Hire, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Surrounding Locations Can Trust Height 4 Hire

If you need to reach greater heights and scaffolding is too expensive, bulky or inefficient, the Athena is the perfect solution. To find out more about hiring the Athena scissor lift, get in touch with our team today. We will provide cost-effective rates on diesel scissor lift hire, ensuring you can get the job done quicker and safer. Contact us online or call us today on (07) 3713 0500.