Diesel Vs Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Commonly used in warehouses, factories, storage and production facilities, scissor lifts are a vital element in the safe and seamless operation of a wide variety of businesses throughout many sectors. Height 4 Hire is the Queensland’s largest privately owned and operated supplier of access hire equipment and we are often asked which type of scissor lift is best – diesel or electric?  Both have unique features and benefits, so here we will explore each type to help you decide which might suit your job or project best. 

Electric Scissor Lifts

Powered by an electric motor and battery bank, electric scissor lifts are quiet, do not emit any fumes and are incredibly versatile. Compact in design, these lifts are a great option for indoor work spaces with narrow aisles or small doorways. Featuring non-marking tyres, they can work safely on most flat surfaces. Rough terrain electric scissor lift models are also available for outdoor and rugged terrain environments. Perfect for electricians, plumbers, painters and plasterers, they are also ideal for maintenance and repairs in school, sports facilities and shopping centres.

Diesel-Powered Scissor Lift

A diesel scissor lift has an engine that runs on diesel fuel. Powerful and capable of handling heavy loads, diesel scissor lifts are the leading choice for outdoor applications. Designed to increase productivity in demanding outdoor worksites, these sturdy and robust machines will help you reach great heights on almost any terrain. Ideal for construction and exterior building maintenance.

The Similarities

  • Both versions are designed for maximum manoeuvrability.
  • Electric and diesel scissor lifts use self-propulsion and extendable decks.
  • They can also include auto-self levelling and motion sensors for optimal stability and safety.

The Main Differences

While some electric and diesel lifts are similar in size and contain all the features needed for optimum safety, there are a few key differences:

Noise – Electric models have naturally quiet motors, whereas . diesel-powered models are louder, making them better for outdoor jobs where the sound dissipates.

Height Range – Diesel models generally provide more height to work with. With a more powerful engine and 4×4 drive for use on difficult terrain, diesel scissor lifts are the perfect choice if you need maximum reach.

Load Capacity – Diesel lifts can typically accommodate heavier loads, so they can lift more workers, materials, equipment or tools.

Fumes – Diesel scissor lifts release exhaust fumes, making them the best choice for outdoor work. If you need a scissor lift to operate cleanly and quietly in an indoor environment, then an electric model is the better option.

Remember, the larger the job, the larger the lift required. For more demanding applications at greater heights, diesel scissor lifts generally come with extending deck options which provide more space to work with.

Which Should I Choose?

One of the most important considerations is the task at hand. If you need scissor lift hire for an outdoor job or to use on a surface that is not completely flat, you may benefit from a diesel model. However, if you need a scissor lift that is quiet, clean and allows you to seamlessly manoeuvre in tight spaces or other indoor environments, electric scissor lift hire will be the ideal choice.

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