We just received this fantastic customer testimonial from one of our loyal customers, Macrack. “Here at Macrack we manufacture and install pallet racking in warehouses across Australia. Our pallet racking can range from 2m tall through to 10m, depending on the warehouse height and the amount of industrial palletised goods are needed to be stored. When we are installing our pallet racking, our technicians need to operate metres off the ground, in order to create the correct configuration for our clients. The safe and best way to work at heights is to use a scissor lift, and when it comes to reliability and service, Macrack chooses Height 4 Hire for all our scissor lift needs.

‘Height 4 Hire’ is an access equipment supplier who rents out their machinery to trades, installers, technicians, who need to conduct work at height. Most commonly is building and construction sites where above head work takes place. Height 4 Hire supply scissor lifts, knuckle booms, straight booms, and is a one stop shop for working at heights equipment. They have a solution for every requirement you may need.

Macrack always use ‘Height 4 Hire’ when they need access equipment, simply because they have the best service in South East Queensland. When we call up to book a scissor lift we know it will be at the correct site, delivered at the right time and ready to go, every time. The people at Macrack and Height 4 Hire know each other by name, which is the kind of working relationship you want with your suppliers. It has formed a certain trust and reassurance between the two companies, mutually benefiting off one another. It’s the reassurance of knowing you have a company like Height 4 Hire, ready to go that extra mile.

In today’s safety conscious society, any work being conducted need to have best practices applied to them. Install of pallet racking is no different, our installers work at height almost constantly, and we here at Macrack believe that it’s our duty for them to go home safe at the end of each and every day. So when they are installing industrial racking we make sure they do it from the safety of a scissor lift. These allow our installers to remain in a safe environment, at various heights as well as operate throughout the warehouse with complete ease.

Height 4 Hire also conducts training for yellow cards, which is a licence for working at heights, under 11m. This ensures that best practice, competency and training when working with access equipment, crucial to upholding workplace health and safety. That’s why Height 4 Hire offers this great service, because they too see the need for all operators of their equipment to be safe. Macrack uses this service for all new employees, because it’s a simple thing to do that greatly improves WH&S, staff skill set and reduces potential for incidents.

If you have a business that uses scissor lifts of mechanical handling equipment, call Height 4 Hire. Their great service, integrity is something you will truly appreciate, not to mention they have very competitive rates. That’s why Macrack uses Height 4 Hire for all their Brisbane installs.”
– Macrack

We appreciate feedback like this and love working alongside our friends at Macrack. For more information on their company, follow the link below:

Macrack Australia Pallet Racking Install – 1800 048 821