Though originally designed for fruit picking throughout orchards, cherry pickers are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment that not only offer safety when working at heights, but also provide a far more flexible alternative to scaffolding and ladders. Relatively easy to operate, fast to set up and offering unrivalled mobility, hiring a cherry picker can save you time and money, and be used in any industry for any application where it’s essential to work safely up high. So what are the best uses for a cherry picker?

Utility Work

Cherry pickers are great option when overhead cables, telephone or power lines and street lights need to be serviced or repaired. A cherry picker lifts the worker to the proper location quickly and allows them to easily navigate overhead obstacles.

Tree Trimming

Perfect for trimming tall trees in private or public places, a cherry picker enables the worker to reach all areas of the tree that need to be trimmed from the bottom to the very top.

Building Painting and Maintenance

A cherry picker provides a great alternative to scaffolding or ladders. Allows the painter or cleaner to position themselves safely as needed to complete the job in a fast and efficient manner, a cherry picker also has a convenient platform for safely holding paint and cleaning products.

Window Washing

Raising workers to individual windows quickly, cherry pickers are a great option when a building has expansion joints or signage which would prohibit work being done on traditional scaffolding.

Roofing or Gutter Repairs

Perfect for roof and gutter jobs on larger homes and commercial buildings. These areas often require maintenance without any disturbance to the area below (such as garden beds). The cherry picker can easily manoeuvre around obstacles allowing the repair to be completed successfully and without damage to the below vicinity.

Farm Work

Silos, large barns and other tall farming equipment all require regular maintenance but sometimes the height of the structures can be prohibitive to ladders. Using a ladder on unstable farm land can also be dangerous so a cherry picker is a far more secure option.

Filming Events

Utilising a cherry picker to film large sporting events, concerts and other types of entertainment allows camera operators to get optimal footage from the best overhead angles. The camera operator can capture a unique perspective that would otherwise not be filmed from the ground.

Rescue Work

Facilitating safer rescues in certain emergencies including fires, a cherry picker can provide vertical elevation to previously inaccessible areas. It also enables a greater number of people to be rescued from tall buildings at the one time and negates the need for firemen or other emergency services members to carry people manually.

Harvesting Fruit

As the name suggests, the original purpose of a cherry picker was to pick fruit! Providing greater access and an enhanced level of safety than standard ladders, a cherry picker is still the perfect piece of equipment for quick and easy collection of fruit.


A great solution for all types of signage installation on buildings, bill boards, free standing sign towers, shop fronts, bridges and other tall structures. A cherry picker has enough room to accommodate the sign writer as well as the signage or equipment they need for the job.

Cherry Picker Hire – Saving You Time and Money

Renting a cherry picker is an affordable way to increase productivity. Unlike scaffolding which requires a lengthy set up, and ladders which can be unstable and unsafe to reach particular heights, a cherry picker allows your crew to get the job done quickly.

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